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Pierced Bird Window

This lit­tle cop­per piece is wait­ing for a home.

It’s about 2.5 inch­es square. The back­ground and fig­ure win­dow are cop­per. The tube riv­ets and spac­ers are brass.

3D pierced bird

3D pierced bird

The back­ground pat­tern was print­ed onto the cop­per using a com­mer­cial pat­tern sheet with the rolling mill. The bird fig­ure is a sim­pli­fied out­line tak­en from a Dutch tile that I found in a book.

The pierced piece floats over the back­ground.

about 1/4 inch between the layers

about 14 inch between the lay­ers

There is about 14 inch between the plates.

tube rivets with spacers

tube riv­ets with spac­ers

From the back you can see the hol­low riv­ets.

showing the rivets from the back

show­ing the riv­ets from the back

I sus­pect that this piece will end up as part of some­thing larg­er. Per­haps a box.

Mean­while it’s liv­ing on the design wall.

bird window waiting for further inspiration

bird win­dow wait­ing for fur­ther inspi­ra­tion

TGIF — Shrine I

After a long time sit­ting on the table in 5 or 6 pieces the Guadalupe/Sirena shrine has final­ly come togeth­er.

I nev­er did find a place for the rose petals.

Shrine I - Guadalupe, Sirena, and the Chicken Boy

Shrine I — Guadalupe, Sire­na, and the Chick­en Boy

A cou­ple of details.

My hand col­ored and glit­tered Vir­gin­si­ta.

detail - guadalupe

detail — guadalupe

The odd­ly appeal­ing Chick­en Boy.

detail - chicken riding boy

detail — chick­en rid­ing boy

Garden Report — Sept 1

A cou­ple more notes from the gar­den.

The nico­tiana in the bird bath bed con­tin­ues to thrive. This dark pur­ple vari­ety can real­ly soak up the sun.

dark purple and smells lovely

dark pur­ple and smells love­ly

The last man stand­ing in the library bed has been moved to a new home on the oth­er side of the front door. Once the roundup has done it’s job the library bed will be turned over and mulched for the win­ter. It will be replant­ed int he spring.

the last man standing gets a new place to stand

the last man stand­ing gets a new place to stand

The mound­ing cypress has done so well that it will need a bit of a trim lat­er this fall. I’ll also have to do some­thing about the bad­ly bro­ken witch hazel seen peek­ing out from behind it.

Sungold Thread-Branch Cypress: Chamaecyparis pisifera filifera 'Sungold'

mound­ing cypress