Garden Report — The Aftermath

Now that most of the snow is melt­ed it’s time to have a good look at the gar­den and assess the damages.

There aren’t real­ly any sur­pris­es. Most of the dam­age was done by the very cold tem­per­a­tures on Dec 19th (10.4F) and Dec 20th (4.1F)

Among the casualties:

what was a lovely varigated euphorbia
what was a love­ly vari­gat­ed euphorbia
once again the jeruslem sage is taken back to it's base by a col
once again the jerusalem sage is tak­en back to it’s base

I don’t know if the euphor­bia will recov­er. The jerusalem sage prob­a­bly will. When I first got it I plant­ed it in one of the exposed beds by the dri­ve­way. It die back that win­ter with a low of about 20F. I moved it up into a bed close to the house and it has been fine for the last two years. But even the shel­ter of the house won’t save some­thing from the kind of lows we had.

Sur­pris­ing­ly lit­tle dam­age was done to the gar­den by the snow load. One of the but­ter­fly bush­es got bro­ken. Most­ly my fault because I did­n’t cut them back in the fall. Still they are tough as nails and even the snow could­n’t do the sort of dam­age a cou­ple of pan­icked sheep can do. (Long sto­ry — no pics sorry)

broken butterfly bush after the snow
bro­ken but­ter­fly bush after the snow

On the oth­er hand this weep­ing cypress was utter­ly and repeat­ed buried by snow plumet­ting off of the roof. Amazing.

not broken not even a little
not bro­ken, not even a little

Some­things sur­vived both the snow load and the freez­ing temps amaz­ing­ly well.

mint  after the big freeze
mint after the big freeze
varigated sage still holding it's leaves
vari­gat­ed sage still hold­ing it’s leaves

I’m not sur­prised by the mint — it’s stuck in the wash­tub for a rea­son — con­tain­ment! The sage on the oth­er hand, I expect­ed to turn to mush long before the temps got any­where near as cold as it was.

And then there’s the dam­age that the snow and ice did to the gut­ters. We tacked them back up as best we could but it was­n’t always a enough to keep the rain and snow melt mov­ing along the drainage sys­tem and not plash­ing down into the gar­dens. (Also note that the frost heave brought all of the land­scape light­ing wires back to the surface. )

when gutters fail...
when gut­ters fail…

All-in-all not near­ly as bad as I expect­ed. It will be inter­est­ing to see how many of the pere­nials come back this spring and which ones go mys­te­ri­ous­ly missing.

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