An exhibition of books in Oaxaca

Each time I am in Oax­a­ca I stop into the Casa De La Ciu­dad. There is always some­thing inter­est­ing in the lit­tle sala to the right of the entrance. When I was last there (Sep­tem­ber 2008) it was the exhi­bi­tion -Los Libres, Los Via­jes, y El Tiem­po (Books, Trav­els, and Time — rough­ly) The prob­lem of how […]


Go read this com­ic. http://​xkcd​.com/​4​88/ Con­sid­er that the pile of CDs that you have been hord­ing is insur­ance (for a lit­tle while…) Now where did I put that turn-table?…

Bird Feeders Are Now Up

Yes­ter­day I hung the bird feed­ers for the first time this fall. One hulled seed tube and one this­tle tube at the edge of the front yard next to a thick­et of ever­green trees. An ide­al spot. I had put off fill­ing the large sun­flower seed feed­er (off to the left and not vis­i­ble in […]