Work-In-Progress (26.nov.07)


Still work­ing on the flow­ers goth­ic arch. It now has birds on it. I have a pic­ture of my great grand­moth­er that I think will go in the center.

wip-birds and balloons

I have a new goth­ic arch start­ed. The back­ground is torn papers coat­ed with a wash of gel medi­um to get it all stuck down. I put a bird down and then decid­ed that a cou­ple of the back­ground papers where just too bright so I smeared ges­so over it all. Then the bird dis­ap­peared. I liked him well enough to cut out a sec­ond copy and past­ed it down. They over lap a bit but you can’t see it in this pho­to. The bal­loons are from a paint­ing (used on the cov­er of the SAM bul­letin.) I’m not sure what the key tags are going to be.

house boards

I got the back­grounds for the house book past­ed down. I sus­pect that once the pieces are fin­ished no-one will see them.

I’m also knit­ting a mohair scarf — a mid-not-very-red pur­ple in a sim­ple eye­let pat­tern. It’s to go with my grey coat. I try to knit in the evening but I’m get­ting so short sight­ed that I need a lot of light to see the stitch­es and some­times I’d rather not have the bright read­ing light on while we’re watch­ing television.

edit­ed 25.june.2008 to cor­rect image links

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