Dogs and Cats


Ivan the Bouvier
Head dog at Black Dog Farm

More com­mon­ly called Alvin. He’s in charge of all the most impor­tant things. Sleep­ing in the truck, hold­ing down the floor, and keep­ing the boo­giemen at bay. Though most of the boo­giemen look odd­ly like deer.

A Couple of Old Ladies.

C‑C and Dee-Dee (I know very orig­i­nal) are the last two Minia­ture Schnau­zers liv­ing with us. C‑C is shy about hav­ing her pic­ture tak­en but here’s on of the slight­ly goofy Dee-Dee.

d-d the miniature schnauzer
Black Steel’s Lit­tle Bal­le­ri­na aka D‑D


ginger cat
The for­mer chief mouser.

Tuck­er is no longer with us, but when he was, he knew that he was the most impor­tant and pho­to­genic crea­ture on the farm.

The New Crop of Barn Cats

Since the retire­ment of Nina and Tuck­er we have a new crew in the barn. This one is Octavius. This pic­ture was tak­en while they were still in lock-up in the barn. Tavi now prefers to spend his days in the garage and his nights prowl­ing the yards.

tabby cat in a crate
Tavi before his parole hearing.