The blue land shark.

M-B SLK 55
play with me?

Lara’s newest four wheel toy.  This thing has a wicked sec­ond side that just begs to
come out and play. Radar detec­tor and sharp reflex­es required.

A friend­lier view.

M-B slk 55
with the top down and ready to rock n roll

The inte­ri­or is a lit­tle less lux­u­ri­ous and a lit­tle more func­tion­al that my pre­vi­ous SLK. (The stock stereo went away short­ly after this pic­ture was tak­en. The  detailed descrip­tion of the install is here.)

cockpit photo
my kind of workspace

The high­light is, of course, the engine. Not that you can see much. It’s damned tight in there.

engine bay
tight fit

There’s a plaque on the engine cov­er with the sig­na­ture of the man who built this par­tic­u­lar engine.

signature plate on the engine cover
hand­craft­ed indeed

I believe it reads Florim Avdi­ja. The sec­ond let­ter of the last name is hard to decipher.