Defender 90

Tugger the Adventure Truck

This 1997 Land Rover Defend­er goes by the name Tugger.

land rover defender 90
ready for anything

After many years of being ded­i­cat­ed to haul­ing around dogs, Tug­ger recent­ly under­went a retro­fit that restored his back half to a peo­ple mover.

First we had a lit­tle work done on the front seats. The dri­vers seat back was rebuilt and both front seats had heat added.

front seats
you can’t see the heaters but they are soooo wonderful

We start­ed on the back. We removed the dog bar­ri­er and the Tuffy box. Then we rein­stalled the jump seats.

interior rear portion of the defender with the jump seats folded up
back to the orig­i­nal configuration
land rover defender jump seats deployed
best to have short legs but you’ll love the places we can go

Scrubbed vac­u­umed and tidied. Tug­ger cleans up quite nice­ly, eh?

ivan the dog in the back of the defender
Ivan dog approved renovations!