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Finished Upholstry

The porch fur­ni­ture cush­ions are fin­ished.

finished and very comfy

fin­ished and very com­fy

(For­give the grumpy look­ing guy — he was wait­ing impa­tient­ly to find out whether or not his elbow was bro­ken. He’s bet­ter now.)

Some­day I’ll get around to mak­ing chair pads for the din­ing set. Not just yet though.

Purple is a Good Thing

Took an uphol­stery class at Pacif­ic Fab­rics over the week­end. I want to make new cush­ions for the porch fur­ni­ture.

purple is good!

pur­ple is good!

The result of about 5 hours of work is this love­ly and quite use­less cush­ion. I like the drip effect of the stripes and dots.

It’s not as hard as I thought but not easy either. Most­ly I end up with an aching back.