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Fooling Around with a New Camera

We’ve got a new cam­era on the farm and I’m work­ing out the kinks in my fin­gers — they still remem­ber the old cam­era… Today I took some pic­tures around the farm.

white sheep

Dot — the old­est of our sheep.

buff colored chicken

Yel­low Hen Has Scary Eyes

borwn alpaca head

Dorky Alpaca

Bouvier des Flandres head shot

The Big Dog Watch­ing Me

napping Bouvier des Flandres

The Big Dog More Relaxed

Chicken Update

Mizz Friz­zle still has all 10 chicks. They’re grow­ing big­ger and big­ger all the time.

frizzle and brood

friz­zle and brood

as you can see at least a few of them are also ‘afflict­ed’ with friz­zled feathers.