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Fooling Around with a New Camera

We’ve got a new cam­era on the farm and I’m work­ing out the kinks in my fin­gers — they still remem­ber the old cam­era… Today I took some pic­tures around the farm.

white sheep

Dot — the old­est of our sheep.

buff colored chicken

Yel­low Hen Has Scary Eyes

borwn alpaca head

Dorky Alpaca

Bouvier des Flandres head shot

The Big Dog Watch­ing Me

napping Bouvier des Flandres

The Big Dog More Relaxed

Funny Faces

Just for amuse­ment val­ue. This is what life looks like around here in the spring.

who me? no, I never overeat.

who me? no, I nev­er overeat.

Click on the pho­to to embiggen. Real­ly, it’s worth it. I’ll wait…

And here he is look­ing a lit­tle less goony.

still got hay everywhere

still got hay everywhere

Shearing Day Report

Today was shear­ing day. There were only 6 ani­mals so it went quickly.

Here’s what the crew looked like before:

the crew all fat and wooly after a snowy winter

the crew all fat and wooly after a snowy winter

Here Jason is shear­ing the first vic­tim, er Mutton:

Jason shearing Mutton

Jason shear­ing Mutton

And here’s what they look like now:

the crew after shearing

the crew after shearing