W.I.P. fishy-fishy flag book

Play­ing catch-up while away from home. First up, a book that is slow­ly tak­ing shape.

It com­bines a for­mat (flag book), a mate­r­i­al (water­col­or wash­es) and a bit of dog­ger­el that wrig­gled into my head (and sketch­book) a cou­ple of years ago.

The for­mat is the flag book bind­ing. I made a goofy test ver­sion using a tacky post­card from Iowa. As you can see here.

tacky postcard flagbook

If you want a much bet­ter look at the con­struc­tion I sug­gest look­ing over the Bone­fold­er issue . A large col­lec­tion of exam­ples can be found in the gallery of work sub­mit­ted to the 2006 bind-o-rama.

The mate­r­i­al is Arch­es 300# water­col­or paper with wash­es of sev­er­al greens and blues and a bit of some­thing dark. I’ve done two large dou­ble sided sheets so there should be plen­ty to work with.


The dog­ger­el goes like this:

Fishy-fishy in the sea.

Fishy-fishy bring it to me.

Damned if I know what it means.

At the moment I’m imag­in­ing 8 folds in the accor­dion and five flags per “page.” With the flags being irreg­u­lar­ly shaped — per­haps as waves or per­haps as fish. Or maybe wave shapes with fish images that cross waves — or — or…

And that’s how it goes — three ideas thrown togeth­er on a work­ing tray and just hang­ing out togeth­er until some­thing starts to hap­pen.

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new toys

I’ve been busy acquir­ing, set­ting up, and occa­sion­al­ly curs­ing a batch of new toys.

The dread­ed yel­low line scan­ner has been evict­ed and in it’s place is a new Microtek i900.


So far it and I are get­ting along pret­ty well. Though it’s a right hulk­ing bit of equip­ment.

Can’t say as much for the soft­ware. I have two scan­ning con­trol pro­grams. The native Microtek soft­ware and Sil­ver­Fast Ai. Every­thing I read about Sil­ver­Fast is true. It’s amaz­ing­ly pow­er­ful and a *total* bitch to fig­ure out.

We bought the Microtek specif­i­cal­ly to scan in DH’s col­lec­tion of 35mm slides. After the first hun­dred or so I think I’ve got the soft­ware fig­ured out and I’m get­ting pret­ty nice results.

The oth­er new toy is a Wacom Intuos3 table. Very sweet. Pain­less set­up, works as adver­tised out of the box.
Most­ly. Once in a while (after an unplanned reboot — thank you very much Micr­soft) Vista gets a lit­tle con­fused and thinks that it’s a tablet PC rather than a graph­ic tablet and the express keys stop work­ing. Hard­ly the fault of the device. Sigh.

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Trouble with Scanner

The great pho­to dig­i­tiz­ing project has hit a snag.

I start­ed work­ing on “fix­ing up” the pho­tos that I had scanned in last week. First up was this pic­ture of Jim’s par­ents Bill and Bet­ty on their wed­ding day. (Too cute, no?)

Bill and Betty Harriger wedding photo

A care­ful look at the orig­i­nal file (all 1040x768of it) revealed a nasty yel­low stripe down the left side.

nasty yellow stripe

I worked for while try­ing to build enough lay­ers and mask enough stuff and what ever to get rid of it. I’m not a graph­ics tool wiz­ard. I got tired and decid­ed to move on to anoth­er pho­to — some­thing in black and white.

bill harriger and betty reynolds

This one did­n’t need work. I was goof­ing around see­ing what I could do with it. And then I noticed it — a lit­tle *Yel­low Stripe* down the left hand side.

A bit of scrap­ing around and look­ing at some oth­er things that I had scanned recent­ly (like the HoMC pan­els) and there it was — that annoy­ing lit­tle stripe on the left edge of the images (on the right side of the scan­ner bed.) Damn…

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Family Photographs — It’s All Grist for the Mill

I’ve been col­lect­ing up the old pho­to albums and sort­ing the pic­tures. There are a num­ber that I’d like to use in the col­lages. But of course I don’t want to glue up my only copy of great-grand­moth­er’s por­trait so… It’s time to get scan­ning. I’ll leave the has­sles of get­ting an elder­ly scan­ner to talk to any of the new­er com­put­ers. It’s all con­nect­ed now and that’s all what counts. I start­ed with the pho­tos that the MiL put togeth­er in a frame for my hus­band. They’ve been sit­ting on the wall for too long and the col­or ones (50’s — 70’s) have fad­ed bad­ly. picture frame with jim’s family photos We had won­dered who some of the peo­ple in the old­er pic­tures were and hoped that iden­ti­fy­ing infor­ma­tion was on the backs of the pho­tos. Of course it was. Yeay Emmy! back of photos left sideback of the photos right side I got the pic­tures out and start­ed scan­ning them. I did a few at 600 dpi but it was tor­tu­ous­ly slow so I switched to 300 dpi. I think it’s suf­fi­cient for what I need. Now that the pic­tures are stored away from light (and oth­er evils) I can go back and res­can at high­er res­o­lu­tions if I want to. TBC edit­ed 25.june.2008 to cor­rect image links

Is This Really How You Make Art?

Col­laged paper can get rather thick and lumpy. Get­ting the pan­els stuck down to the mat board took some doing.

Clamping the collaged panels to the mat board

So the House of Myth­i­cal Crea­tures pan­els are now mount­ed on mat board and the back­ers are made and mount­ed. It’s all sit­ting in the press get­ting flat. Tomor­row I’ll fin­ish up the hinges and title blocks.

I’m almost done with this piece of work. I’m hap­py with most of it. That’s as good as it gets. I’m ready for some­thing new.

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Yellow Walls

The painters are done and I have reclaimed my space.

yellow studio walls

The move out and back into the stu­dio was almost pain­less. Prob­a­bly because I had recent­ly reor­ga­nized all the crap and there had not been much time for cruft to accu­mu­late. My office is anoth­er sto­ry.

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Passing Time Outside of the Studio

The painters arrive tomor­row to fin­ish the great house paint­ing project. They will be paint­ing my office, the DH’s office, and my stu­dio. I am work­ing out of a lit­tle rolling cart on the kitchen counter. Severe­ly lim­it­ed in terms of mate­ri­als and tools.

The House of Myth­i­cal Crea­tures is on hold for the week. It’s ready for each of the images to be mount­ed. I have to fig­ure out how I’m going to attach the images one to anoth­er. I’m think­ing about some sort of book­bind­ing. Hence my project for the next week is to exper­i­ment with some ways of bind­ing books.

Today I made (my first) two books.

A strange lit­tle fold­ed book whose pages open up fur­ther than you think they ought to. I think it’s bor­ing. But the tech­nique of sim­ply attach­ing the pages to a con­tin­u­ous back­ing has mer­it. It would have to be more than just a line of black mat boards taped togeth­er, that’s bor­ing too.

folding book

The sec­ond book looks like a checker­board with over­lap­ping pages with cutouts. I can’t real­ly see how it fits with THMC. This one has pos­si­bil­i­ties for some oth­er projects rat­tling around in the back of my head though. Espe­cial­ly once I get over the idea that the cut­aways have to be square. I’ll make some more of these in the next cou­ple of days.

checkerboard book

I have dis­cov­ered that I still get annoyed when cut lines and parts don’t line up exact­ly. I’ve always been par­tic­u­lar about those sorts of things. Luck­i­ly I have learned a num­ber of tricks over the years. Sto­ry sticks and cut­ting mul­ti­ples in one go are the first two I used.

The instruc­tions for the checker­board book called for cut­ting out six tem­plates (from a xerox) and then trac­ing the tem­plates onto the page paper and then cut­ting those out. A recipe for dis­as­ter. Much bet­ter to fig­ure out the dimen­sions of the full page (3−3÷4″ high x 5″ wide plus a 78″ gut­ter) and cut a bunch of page blanks. Then I could fig­ure out the dimen­sions of the cut­aways (1−1÷4″ square) and take them out of the full size pages. Except the lit­tle tiny one at the front. I just cut that one on it’s own.

PS Yes, I real­ize that there are no decent pic­tures of recent work on THMC. I’ll fix that soon.

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