Small Collages

Stolen Kiss­es 4″ x 5 34″ Col­lage on paper, stamped images, ges­so, met­al­ics inks, silk threads, 2008

Bird’s Nest 4″ x 5 34″ Col­lage on paper with paper tow­el, wall­pa­per cutouts and feather.


Toad Gar­dens 4″ x 5 34″ Col­lage on paper, water col­or pen­cils, with Mar­i­anne Moore quote, 2007.

Finger Hat

Fin­ger Hat, 4“x4”, col­lage on paper with but­tons and floss, 2007

Hands Gothic Arch

Recur­sive Hand, 5 3/4“x4”, col­lage on paper using aged paper, fab­ric, stamped images, mark­er pen, 2007