April Fools Trial, Deer Flats

April first, not nec­es­sar­i­ly the best day for a Tri­als event, but here I am, in the truck at 6:40 am, head­ed for our near­by rid­ing area in Wash­ing­ton state. It’s cold this morn­ing, and driz­zling just a bit as I make my way out of town. 50 min­utes lat­er, I pull into our rid­ing area; hmmm, […]

Independance Trial, July 8, 2007, Deer Flats

Due to the usu­al com­bi­na­tion of work, chores, oth­er motor­cy­cles, etc. I had­n’t been on my tri­als bike until the evening before this event. To make the grim even grim­mer, I sprained my back on wednes­day, bal­let danc­ing with a weed­whack­er. So the evening before, I go out into the pas­ture for 30 min­utes, work up […]

BigFoot Trial, Sept 9, Deer Flats, WA

After spend­ing most of the sum­mer rid­ing my street bikes and Dual-Sport machine, I got back to the Tri­als thing on Sat­ur­day, Sept. 9th. We had fan­tas­tic weath­er, around 75 degrees and clear skies, which prob­a­bly con­tributed to the good turnout. I think there were 25 – 35 rid­ers, includ­ing at least a cou­ple of folks who […]

Event Report: Halloween One, Walker Valley, 7 October 2007

Whew! arrive at the park­ing area about 8:30am sun­day, got out of the truck, Holy Stiff Breeze, Bat­man! We’re at about 1900 ft. alti­tude, and up on an exposed hill­top where they’re run­ning a grav­el pit, and the wind is blow­ing pret­ty good. Get over to sign up, Sean (one of the Mar­shalls) allows as how […]

The Spring Trial, Gold Bar, WA. 2 March 2008

Anoth­er sea­son has begun. We should have got­ten start­ed in Feb­ru­ary, but too much snow kept us from hold­ing our tra­di­tion­al “Ice Tri­al”. A tad iron­ic, that. Be that as it may, rough­ly 35 of us showed up at Gold Bar, under cloudy skies and with mid-40s tem­per­a­tures. Got unloaded, geared up and went off for […]

The Fool’s Trial, Gold Bar, WA April 6, 2008

To start, I want to say thanks to all of the folks who worked their butts off to put this event on. It was orig­i­nal­ly planned for Deer Flats, about 5 miles up the road and, more crit­i­cal­ly, abouit 1500 feet high­er in ele­va­tion. We’re hav­ing a late, kin­da crazy spring here in west­ern Wash­ing­ton, and we […]

Welcome to a new year! blackdog is back!

As you may have noticed, keep­ing up with this blog did­n’t top my hit parade last year. it was­n’t a very good year for tri­als, either, so it did­n’t mat­ter much. 🙂 I got ill dur­ing the colum­bia cup, then I injured my elbow while prac­tic­ing last june, and it took many months for it to heal, […]