Hi there! Wel­come to obser­va­tions. I am your host, black­dog. I live in Wash­ing­ton state, and I com­pete in a fair­ly obscure motor­cy­cle sport called observed tri­als. Here I’ll share my expe­ri­ences and obser­va­tions on this chal­leng­ing sport. If you’d like to know more about what observed tri­als is, go here. I hope you enjoy […]

random leftovers

A few left­over thoughts from this past week­end’s tri­als event in west­ern Wash­ing­ton: The just-con­­clud­ed win­ter did an real num­ber on the rid­ing area we call Deer Flats. There were a ton of trees blown down or knocked over, to the point of con­strict­ing the road in a few places. For those that might not […]

Welcome to a new year! blackdog is back!

As you may have noticed, keep­ing up with this blog did­n’t top my hit parade last year. it was­n’t a very good year for tri­als, either, so it did­n’t mat­ter much. 🙂 I got ill dur­ing the colum­bia cup, then I injured my elbow while prac­tic­ing last june, and it took many months for it to heal, […]