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Finished Upholstry

The porch fur­ni­ture cush­ions are fin­ished.

finished and very comfy

fin­ished and very com­fy

(For­give the grumpy look­ing guy — he was wait­ing impa­tient­ly to find out whether or not his elbow was bro­ken. He’s bet­ter now.)

Some­day I’ll get around to mak­ing chair pads for the din­ing set. Not just yet though.

The optimism of a nice weekend in May.

It is the first nice wek­end in May and like all Seat­tlites I am doing all sorts of get­ting ready for sum­mer things out­side.

We have an entire week of Sun­ny days for­cast so it’s time to start hav­ing tea on the porch in the morn­ing. I’m still pleased with the new cush­ions I made last sum­mer.

nice comfy porch chairs

tes here tomor­row.

We’ve had the BBQ out for almost a month. Clear­ly out­door din­ing sea­son is upon us. The table and charirs are set up and a cou­ple of lit­tle sqawks about the conopy are fixed.

what's for dinner?

sec­ond year for this canopy

Final­ly and best of all: first loads of laun­dry on the line. Mmmm, smells go good.

Fresh breezes and sunlight

flut­ter­ing in the breeze

This is all, of course, much silli­ness because sum­mer is still 2 months away for us. But after 30 years of liv­ing out here in the west I still can’t avoid get­ting the ear­ly sum­mer start.

Still Raining (damn it)

Yup, it’s still rain­ing. Three bloody weeks of the driz­zle falling down my neck.

I took advan­tage of a half hour break last week­end and went for a lit­tle ram­ble about the place. Here are some pics.

The red­bud is final­ly bloom­ing and has a few ten­der look­ing leaves. (And some of these shots are sil­ly and arty.)

arty shot of the redbud blooming

red­bud blooms

another redbud shot

look­ing over the pas­ture

There are a cou­ple of new things in the gar­den beds but this rainy cool weath­er isn’t doing most of the plants any favors.

The lit­tle lilac has bloomed. I’m not sure if the mot­tling on the leaves is sup­posed to be there. Hmm.

everblooming lilac

the odd lit­tle lilac that I put in last fall

And a bonus in the herb gar­den, or rather mixed in with the lilies next to the herb gar­den. Self-seed­ed cilantro.

self seeded cilantro

won’t need to buy any cilantro

I’ve spent some time in the woods recent­ly check­ing on coy­ote activ­i­ty. Last week­end I took my cam­era with me and got these four shots of spring.

vine maple blooming on the edge of the forest.

vine maple bloom­ing

douglas fir branches tipped with new growth

the for­est is char­treuse!

wild honey suckle blossoms

hon­ey suck­le is a weed but it’s so pret­ty

deer trail leading onto the forest

one of the deer trails

Our next project is to fin­ish installing our new hot tub. Right now it’s just sit­ting on the con­crete pad in the mid­dle of the dirt and grav­el.  It’ll be nicer when there’s a door where the win­dows are now and there’s a nice deck sur­round­ing it. Doesn’t mat­ter real­ly we use it a lot already.

hot tub on a pad but no deck

wait­ing for improve­ments

Pray for sun, we’re los­ing our minds out here.