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The adventures of the new pup.

Puppy, Puppy, Puppy

(edit – this is old. I mean, really. The puppy already lives with us. It’s utter chaos.)

I didn’t intend it to happen this way. I mean, I did intend to some day, perhaps not too long from now, get another Bouvier. But not right now. Except that right now is how it happened. Or will happen. Real Soon Now.

Ivan passed away on April 4th. Suddenly. It was all a bit dramatic and unpleasant and, well, unfortunate. So I wrote to Susan to let her know. And then it all happened. There were puppies. And one male unspoken for. And Jim and I talked about it and… and…

in the words of my friend S. Puppy, puppy, puppy. She’s also the one who said, omg _eyebrows_

So here we are with a puppy in-bound and I gave away all of my baby gates to people with actually babies and the ex-pens last held sheep and the crates are broken down and stored in the barn and the old lady dog will not know what happened to her quiet, orderly, boring life.

We visited last weekend. They were 71/2 weeks old and goofy and adorable in the way that Bouvier puppies are. I have pictures and video to prove it.