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The adventures of the new pup.

Puppy, Puppy, Puppy

(edit — this is old. I mean, really. The puppy already lives with us. It’s utter chaos.)

I didn’t intend it to hap­pen this way. I mean, I did intend to some day, per­haps not too long from now, get another Bou­vier. But not right now. Except that right now is how it hap­pened. Or will hap­pen. Real Soon Now.

Ivan passed away on April 4th. Sud­denly. It was all a bit dra­matic and unpleas­ant and, well, unfor­tu­nate. So I wrote to Susan to let her know. And then it all hap­pened. There were pup­pies. And one male unspo­ken for. And Jim and I talked about it and… and…

in the words of my friend S. Puppy, puppy, puppy. She’s also the one who said, omg _eyebrows_

So here we are with a puppy in-bound and I gave away all of my baby gates to peo­ple with actu­ally babies and the ex-pens last held sheep and the crates are bro­ken down and stored in the barn and the old lady dog will not know what hap­pened to her quiet, orderly, bor­ing life.

We vis­ited last week­end. They were 71/2 weeks old and goofy and adorable in the way that Bou­vier pup­pies are. I have pic­tures and video to prove it.