Monthly Archives: July 2009

Sunday Fruit

Today was a busy one. We now have 46 12 pints of blue­ber­ries. Enough for blue­ber­ry pan­cakes every Sun­day! Plus 5 pints of blues and 4 pints of rasp­ber­ries for muffins etc.

It makes quite a pile of things to put in the freez­er.

lots of breakfasts

lots of break­fasts

I was using up dribs and drabs of can­ning sup­plies so the col­lec­tion of lids is kind of cool.

four kinds of lid.

five kinds of lid.

There was some rather tough old rhubarb at the fruit stand when I bought the berries. I bought 4 stalks and tried to make rhubarb syrup. I want­ed to make some­thing like the punch we had at the Herb­farm Fri­day night. (Rhubarb and anise-hys­sop.)

pretty, pink, and sweet

pret­ty, pink, and sweet

While pret­ty, pink, and tasty this isn’t going to be it. Too sweet. It’ll go nice with soda water and a hit of vod­ka. Or maybe ton­ic and lime?

Finished Upholstry

The porch fur­ni­ture cush­ions are fin­ished.

finished and very comfy

fin­ished and very com­fy

(For­give the grumpy look­ing guy — he was wait­ing impa­tient­ly to find out whether or not his elbow was bro­ken. He’s bet­ter now.)

Some­day I’ll get around to mak­ing chair pads for the din­ing set. Not just yet though.

Chicken Update

Mizz Friz­zle still has all 10 chicks. They’re grow­ing big­ger and big­ger all the time.

frizzle and brood

friz­zle and brood

as you can see at least a few of them are also ‘afflict­ed’ with friz­zled feath­ers.