Monthly Archives: December 2007

Work-in-Progress (19.dec.07)

Much progress has been made on the House of Myth­i­cal Crea­tures. None of which is vis­i­ble in the pho­to. I’m think­ing that I need to build some sort of press for hold­ing the pan­els flat while they dry.

work table picture

Also I noticed after how many weeks? (5, I think) that there is a typo in one of the main pieces of text. Oy.

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Work-in-Progress (10.dec.07)

Been busy get­ting the house sort­ed. But I man­aged a cou­ple of hours here and there last week. This is the result.

WIP myth-house backgroundWIP Myth houseWIp myth house

Three of the back­grounds for the house of myth­i­cal crea­tures. You’ll notice that none of the red and orange paint­ed paper that I first put on the card stock cut-outs can been seen. That’s just the way it goes. I start in one place and end up some­where entire­ly dif­fer­ent. I have two more back­grounds that I am fair­ly hap­py with and one that failed utter­ly.

WIp myth house

I can’t imag­ine what I was think­ing when I put both the bright yel­low and bright orange on the same page. I’m blam­ing it on the fail­ing light. I can’t work with­out some nat­ur­al light and around here in the win­ter you lose use­ful light around 3 or 3:30pm. (On the days you get any at all. Today it isn’t bright enough out to tell brown from pur­ple and I’m in the office build­ing data­bas­es and web­sites rather than the work­room play­ing with paper.)

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