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We are Black­dog and Mag­pie. A cou­ple of geeks liv­ing out­side of Seat­tle. This is our playground.

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  1. Found your web­site when I was search­ing for any­one that may have installed a 2 din stereo into an SLK. I was curi­ous, did you have any issues with sound after the install? Now was the Alpine unit strong enough to push the speakers/bass? Did you opt to install a amp?

    I’m look­ing to put a Pio­neer AVIC z130BT into my 2006 SLK. The shops I talked to want­ed to rewire the entire car b/c they say optic was used and in order to put the unit in this is their only option. Obvi­ous­ly I did­n’t buy the sell job…which has led me to fig­ure out how to do this myself.

    Any oth­er info that you could think of which was­n’t on your step by step would be great­ly appreciated.

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